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Welcome to Melbourne

Okay, okay, okay. I hold my hands up for this one, as this is a really late post. As of this week we will have been in Melbourne for ONE WHOLE MONTH and I’m yet to actually let any of you fine fellows what’s been going on.

So what has been going on?

In the last four weeks we’ve been busy bees and, in amongst organising our lives with dull things like bank accounts and jobs, have managed to see a whole bunch of stuff.

Brighton Beach

We spent our first weekend visiting some of Dave’s family in Highett, and they were fabulous hosts who fully entered tour guide mode and took us over to Brighton Beach to check out the very well known beach boxes. Which were adorable. So many colours and designs and patterns, which really got us thinking about what we would want ours to look like (floral, pink, glitter???) and they were certainly a site to see. P.S. Great profile pic material too.

Although I could hardly believe that they cost an astonishing $200,000. Like, why? WHY would you spend that much money on a pretty shed by the sea? But then again, they are pretty darn special. And the beach itself here is lovely, although completely filled with people desperate to get their tan on.


 Street Art

The NUMBER ONE thing to do in Melbourne, and the number one thing that I did do was to go and see the street art that is displayed all across the CBD.

In the UK we have graffiti. Graffiti that’s usually just stuff like ‘Kyle WOZ ERE 2K13’ and numerous attempts at drawing an abnormally enlarged genital. But in Melbourne they have genuine art. It was an honour to stand and watch the man below go over and over his design, making the smallest changes and spending so long making it perfect. Seriously, kudos to your talent and patience pal. And even now when we pop into the city to grab/do something we’ll walk past another random alley and literally be wow-ed by a face or image or animal all along the wall. I’d be really intrigued to see how well this would go down in London, just giving people the freedom to fully express their talents, as it definitely brightens up your commute when you see images like the one below.


Babylon Festival

So, here’s a story for ya. I was completely unaware, but Dave emailed a DJ that would be performing at a festival just outside of Melbourne, asking for free tickets. Dave got said free tickets, and next thing you know we’re hitching the three and a half hour journey out to this ‘bush doof’ for a three day festival.

And it was amazing. We spent the weekend partying in the sun, surrounded by only Australian outback and party goers dressed in nothing but underwear… and glitter. We drank and danced and laughed with strangers from all over the world, and whilst I didn’t have a clue who any of the DJs were I actually had the best time. There’s something invigorating about being at a festival and only knowing one other person there. I didn’t care how much/little I drank, how weirdly I danced, how little I showered. For the first time in ages I actually felt like we were on holiday, and didn’t for a second think about working or money or bloody hostel dramas.

Hitching back to the city was much easier than getting there. Our journey to Babylon took a train, a tram, a bus and 3 separate lifts from hitchhiking attempts. We were dropped back in the city by a guy that photographed the festival and he dropped us right at our hostel door (which I was SO grateful for considering the size of my hangover). For anyone that’s heading over to Oz I would absolutely advise going to a festival out in the middle of nowhere. Just be prepared for the dress code (i.e. wear next to nothing).

Oh, and I didn’t take any pictures. Soz.

DFO South Wharf

Despite having to be very strict on funds at the moment – no job, plus expensive city, equals a preeetty broke Kirsty – we did take a little trip into this wonderful shopping centre, located in the City’s South Wharf. It features all sorts of brands and high street stores, inc. my fave Cotton On, but pretty much all of it’s stock is on sale. Dave and I couldn’t help but treat ourselves to a purchase or two, followed by a bit of Sushi in the sun. #NoRegrets

The Galleons Cafe

My favourite cafe at the moment has to be the slightly overlooked Galleon’s Cafe, St Kilda. It doesn’t look like anything special, it doesn’t sound like anything special, but they literally sell all of my favourite foods. Pancakes, smoked salmon and avo bagels, porridge with cinnamon, massive fry-ups, eggs in all shapes and sizes, etc etc. It’s a hangovers dream, AND it’s all at a reasonable price too (my smoked salmon and avocado bagel was $9.50, which is like… £6? Very reasonable imo). Oh, and the water dispenser’s are bottles of vodka filled with water – what a genius idea, eh!

Lentil As Anything

We keep telling ourselves that we can’t go out for dinner. We can’t afford to go out for dinner.

But ‘Lentil As Anything’ is different. It’s a community run, non-profit vegetarian restaurant that has the tastiest meals on their menu – including a thai green curry, lasagna and wraps – but you only pay the amount that you think the meal is worth.

Which leaves a bit of room to be a wee bit of a cheapskate. There is a suggested payment of $12, but if you were really broke you could pay, well, you could pay nothing. We normally pay about $10, so slightly less than what they ask but it’s funny that when you don’t have to pay, you still do. Interesting.

Anyway, we’ve been here a few times now and they even have different puddings on the menu, so definitely recommend if you’re looking for a slightly alternative place to eat.

The Atrium Bar

Boozing hasn’t really been at the top of our list since living in Melbourne, but friends of my Aunt Cathy recommended a bar to me called the Atrium Bar, found on the 35th floor of the Sofitel Hotel, and boy it didn’t disappoint!  We went up for sunset and the views all across Melbourne were insane, and displayed the city to us in a way that we hadn’t seen before. The bar itself is literally unbelievable. We couldn’t sit near a window as the restaurant gives its diners the best seats, so we were sat in the middle of the room enjoying the views from a distance. Which was okay. It meant that we paid a bit more attention to the bar’s interior, it’s golden walls and skylight and fancy lighting. It was one of those bars that makes you automatically sit with your back a bit straighter and blink a bit slower for dramatic effect, transforming us into real life adults for about sixty minutes.

The drinks were an okay price – a glass of wine being $13 (£8) – and were served with complimentary blini’s (heeeelloo smoked salmon!). The views were great and the loo’s were phenomenal – so thank you for the suggestion Wendy, Graeme and Cathy!
Melbourne is one of those cities that has something going on ALL THE TIME, so check back soon to see what else I get up to.

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