‘Who’s that girl?’…. ‘It’s Jess’.

logomakr_27kdjoActually it’s not, it’s Kirsty (holla to all my fellow New Girl fans). And I’m twenty three and travelling the world.

I’ve been away from the UK for just over a year now, which for the most part has been spent in fabulous New Zealand on a working holiday. I’ve had an incredible time, and have lived in a number of beautiful places with some inspirational and like minded people, which has been epic. And so, as you do, I decided to write it all down and…well… here we are.

The passion for travel (ew, cringe) began years and years and years ago. I flew about a lot growing up, going on family holidays and whatnot, until I came of an age to choose my own holidays and trips away. The first was Tanzania, in 2014, that left me with a desperation to explore everywhere and have all of the adventures; now I’ve become incredibly eager to see as much of the world as possible, but I want to see it all properly. Y’know? Not just a flying visit with a day in each country. I want to immerse myself in all cultures, explore the hidden depths behind villages, and live amongst those that know the area best – the locals.

I like to think of my website not so much as a blog, but more of a diary – documenting each adventure so that one day I can look back on it all and smile. So I hope you enjoy reading as much as I have writing.


Email: kirstyporter12@gmail.com
Instagram: kirsty2976